‘Once Upon a Christmas Eve’ Cast List

Congratulations to everyone who was cast! We have a mandatory parent meeting to correspond with the first rehearsal on Monday, October 30 at 6:30 p.m. at NAMS. Looking forward to seeing everyone then! Here is the list:

Once Upon a Christmas Eve – Cast List

Role Actor
Drama Club
Billy/Joseph Trent Joura
Erin/Mary Zoe Eaton
Ashley Morganne Lucas
Wren Emi Maerz
Claire/Cheerleader Abigail Way
Jenni/Cheerleader Casey Joura
Angel/Cheerleader Samantha Darling
Shayara/Cheerleader Shayara Mayol
Evie/Cheerleader Evie Surratt
Parker/Gabriel Nicholas Aldrich
Brendon/Herod Jacob Wright
Reagan Anna Gullion
Wesley/Wise Man Elijah Beaton
Chip/Wise Man Jose Pinales
Josh/Wise Man Carter Crisco
Alyssa Kaelah Coe
Landry/Chief Elf Landry McRoy
Levi/Herod’s Slave Levi Phillips
Decorating Committee
Deanna Shelby Wright
Jo Katelyn Hammons
Roxanne Sarah Gullion
Renita Rebekah Seawell
Marie Ashley Johnson
Grace Liz Diaz
Shannon Amanda Fechner
4H Club
Badin Clayton Morgan
Samuel Jordan Lucas
Emily Emily Atkinson
Tucker Cade Kennedy
Zach David Fechner
Kassie Kassie Gaines
Justin Branson Hodgin
Santa Joshua Way
Connor James Elswick
Jake Dalton Allen

Additional Drama Club Members — Ana Cheek, Victoria Turner, Meredith Smith, Claire Smith

Additional Decorating Committee — Emily Wright, Ariana Tatum, Sabrina Snider

Additional 4H Club — Luke Charles, Aidan Almond, Ethan Tatum, Alex Smith, Mahriyah Green

SOCCER TEAM/ANGELS — Hannah Charles, Paisley Phillips, Emma Julian, Kathryn Somero, Kayli Vaughan, Skylar Welch, Kellan Auman, Abby Becker, Hannah McNeill, Delaney Aldrich, Emily Jones, Abigail Darling, Caden Shoenfeld, Sarah Winkler, Megan Becker, Abigail Smith, Lauren Fields, Lilly Garnett, Liberty Adams, Rebecca Werner, Emily Werner

From the Director: Thank you all very much for a great audition. There is a lot of flexibility in this script and we will be adding scenes and songs as we work our way through the rehearsal period. So it is very important to be at rehearsals. There are a few people I would still like to hear sing. We will have a singing audition after the read thru. This will only involve a few people. I will let you know if I need to hear you. Thanks again. Looking forward to a great show.

‘Once Upon a Christmas Eve’ Audition Information

Tuesday, October 17, 6-8 p.m
Wednesday, October 18, 6-8 p.m.

Doors will open 15 minutes before auditions begin.

The Sunset Theatre
234 Sunset Avenue
Asheboro, NC 27203

Upon arrival, sign in and be sure audition form is submitted. Actors will have a head shot taken to help the director to identify each one. Actors will be taken in small groups to the stage to audition in front of the director (Bobby Bodford) and stage manager. This will take place on the stage, but behind the closed curtain. During the audition, actors will be asked to read from pages of the script. Also, actors may be asked to sing part of a Christmas song.