Fall Play Confirmation for Mary Poppins, Jr.

Hi everyone!

We recognize that everyone has different health and family situations, everyone has different comfort levels with face coverings and distancing. We also know that with our current cast size and blocking, distancing is a significant challenge. Please read over the plan carefully and consider it with your family. Then fill out and submit the form below before Wednesday, August 19 to let us know if you will be participating or not. Please know that if you choose not to participate for any reason, we completely understand. 

Also, as we all are very much aware, any plans we make these days are very much written in pencil. It may be that none of the above is able to happen, but we are moving forward in this direction. As a board, our entire goal has been to give you an opportunity to have the experience of bringing Mary Poppins, Jr. to the stage, and to do it in a way that is safe for you, for you families and for our patrons…it is our hope that it will happen in some form this fall.



Wednesday, August 19 – Deadline for cast members to respond if they will continue with Mary Poppins or not

Thursday, August 20 – Production meeting to assess our status/what we need/etc.

Monday, September 14 – Begin in person rehearsals at Venture Asheboro

Sunday, September 20 – Move into The Sunset

September 28 – October 1 – Tech rehearsals

October 2 – 4 and October 9 – 11 – Performances